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How Operative Witchery Is Different From Other Systems

Most folks probably are just now becoming aware that I’ve been working on a brand new online training program called, “Operative Witchery.” It’s mostly for people who don’t want to search high and low for a workable system of practical spellcraft. But, even “old hats” may pick up a few awesome ideas, and maybe a new-to-them way of going about things. The focus is on achieving goals through folk magic, also called spellcraft, which I call, “operative witchery.”

But you have to know: Operative Witchery is a bit different from most of what I’ve found online as far as magical training goes. Here’s why.

Difference #1: Influenced mostly by Mountain Witchery as I know it.

Granted, I come from an American Pagan/Neopagan background. I have practiced Feycraft Wicca (derived from a combo of two different Wiccan traditions) for 27 years. I’m the High Priest of a Feycraft Coven. And while there is some Wiccan influence, it’s not very heavy.

Actually, the heaviest influence is the Mountain Witchery I grew up watching my great-grandmother perform.

This ain’t Wicca 101. Which leads me to:

Difference #2: There’s no lesson on ethics.

Why? Because you’re not 5 years old. The Operative Witchery System (“OWS”) assumes you’re an adult. I love training beginner Witches, and in my Coven, everyone starts over learning what we do as a beginner. But this Program will not lead to you joining my Coven, and it is not focused on spirituality. It is focused on results-getting magic. And the discussion/debate on ethics and/or morality are of little use to a system that is solely focused on results. What you do in your own developing practice is your business.

Which is why …

Difference #3: Doesn’t require you to work with any specific spirits, gods or goddesses.

There are sections in the Program on Ancestors, Spirits of Place (or the Land), and Gods and Goddesses. And in fact, there are 2 particular Deities that are put forward in the Program.

As much as I recommend working directly with these 2 deities to get the most out of the OWS, you’re not required to work with Them in order to benefit from the Training. You can use the parts of the Operative Witchery System that you want, and still tap into the power behind Operative Witchery.

But I’ll warn you: once you get a taste of what these Deities offer, you might be inclined to dive a little deeper into working with Them. And if so, I can help with that, too.

Difference #4: Assumes you already know some folk magic.

Most people who are in my circle of influence already know folk magic. At least to some degree. They may or may not be completely successful at it, but that’s one of the issues that this Program aims to remedy.

Even though the OWS itself doesn’t teach folk magic, there are 2 bonuses included in the purchase price: Mountain Candle Witchery, and Mountain Poppet Witchery. I chose these techniques because they are specifically Mountain Witchery, and how I use them may be slightly different from what you’re used to. In other words: I don’t piddle with stuff that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t get me results, it gets refined until it does – or it goes out the window while I look for something else that works or works better.

Difference #5: I think there are people who will probably not like this Program.

Why? Because it isn’t for everyone. The Operative Witchery System meshes together the magical and the mundane. It requires action on the part of the student. While the entire System can be learned in about 12 weeks, success will not come overnight. The only guarantee is that, if you do the work, you will get some kind of results. You may have to work at it, and refine how you approach the System, but that’s part of what Operative Witchery is all about – refining your approach until you’ve learned to get consistent results on a more frequent basis.

If you don’t like work, you won’t like this Program. If you think that magic doesn’t require some form of self-exploration, you won’t like this Program. If you think that you don’t have to lay a foundation that empowers you to build those magic muscles, you won’t like this Program.

And, if you don’t like straightforward, honest, no-holds-barred advice from an experienced Witch, you definitely won’t like this Program. If you’ve read The Spell In My Pocket or perused my blog, you probably have a sense of what I mean. I’m sweet, caring, approachable, and sometimes funny and witty. I’ll take good care of you. I’m even open to new ideas and ways of doing things. But I’m also fearless, hell-bent on keeping my integrity, and not afraid to say what needs to be said.

At any rate, I’d polled my email list, and my Practical Witchery Facebook group, about what they wanted to learn next. The overwhelming result was that 90% of the Fam wanted to learn more about achieving goals through spellcraft. And since I’ve already been working through how to put something like that together for a few months, I’ll be opening it for enrollment soon. I’ll keep you updated as it comes closer to time.

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