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The Gift of Hamenight

So just around the bend is what I (and many other Pagans) consider the “new year.” I call it Samhain. Others may call it All Hallow’s Eve, or All Souls Night. Some Traditional “old world” Witches call it Allantide or Hollantide. My great grandmother called it Hamenight, because “hame” means “home,” and at this time of year, you set lights in the windows so your Ancestors can come home and sup with you (as in celebrating with what’s known as a “dumb supper”).

I didn’t spend every Hamenight visiting the mountains and the family. But there were a few. And when we did, there was always a small gift that each of us gave another family member. It was kind of like those coworker gift exchange drawings, but we did it at Hamenight, instead.

Anyhow … that all brings me to this …

You probably already have the Operative Witchery Framework. If not, go grab it.

You’ll notice in the Framework that there are exactly 3 blocks at the bottom of the graphic. These are the 3 pillars of Operative Witchery.

If you prefer to visualize them as actual pillars, here’s how that looks:








Each one of these 3 pillars adds to the foundation of an effective, powerful practice in witchcraft – which is what I call “folk magic,” or, “witchery.”

Each one of these 3 pillars has it’s own set of practices that amp up your magical prowess.

What makes Operative Witchery different from other systems?

Operative Witchery assumes that you already know some form of folk magic, even in just a tiny amount. It also assumes that you’re able to use some common sense, and good judgment.

What makes Operative Witchery different is that it doesn’t insist that you couch your magic in some form of ritual or ceremony. If that becomes important to you down the road (or even if it’s important to you now), it can be done. But it doesn’t teach ritual magic.

What makes Operative Witchery different is that it teaches a full-on planning process that integrates all 3 pillars of the system into one cohesive practice.

I don’t just take a goal and tell you what magic to throw at it. I teach you a complete system of breaking down a goal into achievable steps, and strategically integrating each of the 3 pillars as a support system, situation rearranger, and odds changer. I teach you how to dynamically focus both mundane and magical efforts on the achievement of a goal. I teach you how to adjust your spellcrafting efforts as you go in order to get you to the best possible outcome.

And if you really want to get down to it, adjusting your magical efforts as you go allows you to constantly learn from and improve upon your magical ability. As you get better and better, your spellcraft takes less and less effort, leading you to the pinnacle of the mountain you’re trying to reach.

I started practicing the Craft 27 years ago. Everything I’ve learned since then, of course, has had an influence on my practical spellcrafting. But there’s stuff that’s kind of … well, fluff. That’s not in Operative Witchery. In Operative Witchery, I take the same style and approach that I take in my private practice. And I teach you how I do it myself, successfully. And, of course, I take the same approach that I use in my writing: no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, with a little wit, and fun thrown in for good measure.

Want to know exactly what content is in the Operative Witchery Program? Click here to check that out. (Please note enrollment is not yet open, so you won’t be able to click the enrollment buttons.)

I think you’re going to adore Operative Witchery.

It is definitely not your cousin’s Wicca 101. This stuff goes deep into how I’ve worked a very practical, results-oriented witchcraft practice ever since the “click” of the strategic design work that I did long ago. And it dives really hard into what it takes to make this stuff work. I don’t just tell you to “do this, and you’ll get better results.” I show you how to use simple strategic design principles to do three very specific things: increase your odds, skew situations in your favor, and kick the ass of any obstacles standing in your way.

If you’re thinking of hopping on board, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 16 weeks of instruction in Operative Witchery, via video, audio downloads, and PDFs
  • A Facebook group for students only, to share with like minds and kindred spirits, and discuss the course and how things are going for you. (I’ll be there, too, of course.)
  • Opportunity to participate in Global Solitary Rituals and Spellcraft Challenges that I’ll tell you about in the Students-only group.
  • Monthly (live online) Witchery Workshops to ask me whatever the hell you want.
  • Bonus Course: Mountain Candle Witchery, which includes:
    • Properly dressing and loading candles
    • Color magic and candles
    • Timing your burn
    • Quickening candles for better results
    • Inscriptions of various types and how to use them
    • Interpreting signs from your burn
    • Long-term burns
    • And other goodies.
  • Bonus Course: Mountain Poppet Witchery, which includes:
    • The traditional “Witch Hazel”
    • Purposes for Poppets
    • Quickening Poppets
    • Taglock 101 (including when and why certain taglocks tend to work better)
    • And other goodies.

I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED to finally share it with you!

I know what you’re asking: how much is this already? Well … there are a few options, which I’ll let you know about when the course is open for enrollment again. You’ll be able to pay one-time up front, or make monthly payments. Either way, you’ll have lifetime access, and you won’t pay extra for future updates to Operative Witchery.

If you’re still debating on taking this course, I swear — you owe it to yourself. This isn’t teaching you specific spellcraft (other than the 2 bonuses) — this is teaching you where and how to strategically align your spellcraft with your goals, and move methodically from where you are now, to where you want to be.

You won’t regret it. You’re going to love it. And you’re going to finally make shit happen consistently, and on a more consistent basis. You’ve got this. And I’m there for you along the way.

Each time OW opens for enrollment, there’s an earlybird special discount, and then a specific date when it goes back up to full price. And you don’t get the discount unless you’re on the Waitlist.

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