About – Witch Next Door

The Short Version

  • I learned eastern Kentucky Mountain Witchery by observing my great grandmother.
  • I wrote the book on Kentucky Mountain Witchery mojos, packets, and vial spells, called The Spell In My Pocket.
  • I used to do magick for Clients.
  • I transitioned to teaching Clients to do magick for themselves in 2015.

The Longer Version

I learned it from my great grandmother.

When I was a kid, there was a bully in my trailer park who always made fun of me. During a holiday trip that year, I mentioned it to my great grandmother. She told me what to do about the situation, magickally-speaking. And when we arrived back home from the trip, I immediately sprang into action. I did just what she'd told me to do, and within the week, the bully had moved to another state.

Obviously, that piqued my interest in magick.

So from the time I'd learned to read, I devoured everything I could get my hands on.

Once, in 1988, I stole a check from my parents (and forged it) so that I could purchase a book by mail order. It was called The Magic Power of Witchcraft, by Gavin and Yvonne Frost. I still have it (the original 1977 version, which, by the by, is also the year of my birth).

I was initiated into Feycraft in 1990.

In 1988-1989, I found Wicca. It wasn't just the Frost version. I found books by Hans Holzer, Paul Huson, Amber Wolfe, and Scott Cunningham, at my local library. Not long after reading those, I also met the woman who was to become my Initiator.

In 1990, I received my First Degree in Feycraft Wicca. And by late-93-early-94-ish, I received my Third Degree. Soon after, I began running Covens. (I'm currently High Priest of my third Coven.)

But see - Feycraft didn't teach spellcraft. Feycraft was primarily religious. And while I enjoyed it, and it did me quite well in the personal- and spiritual- growth arenas, it just didn't seem enough. I was looking for practical answers to help me make my shitty life better.

So I began research into more specifically spell- and magick-oriented areas. I read books on Enochian Magick, The Golden Dawn, Hoodoo, and all that jazz. All the while, I was still visiting with, and observing, my great grandmother. That is, until she passed in 1994. After that, I continued my reading journey.

As I was learning, I was also experimenting. And from 1994-2001, I got a few things down really, really well. But my results just weren't consistent. And then ...

I did some work for a non-profit in 2001, that led me to a discovery.

It suddenly smacked me in the face that what I was doing, while powerful, was not all I could be doing. And the strategies for developing, and organizing, a local crowdfunding and reach-out campaign taught me all I needed to know for how to plan the work, and work the plan, to get the bets, most consistent results from my spellcraft.

I stopped doing magick for Clients.

From 2007, to 2014, I did magick for people. I would take on Clients, and work with a regular few here and there. I wasn't trying to get rich - I was just having fun solving other people's problems with magick.

In January, of 2014, I started putting my process down on paper. I crystallized it. I reworked it and refined it until I knew it would be something worth teaching. And then in 2015, I stopped doing magick for other people.

I started teaching others how to do magick for themselves.

And that's my basic story.

In April, of 2016, I self-published the Kindle version of my book The Spell In My Pocket. And then in August, of 2017, I finally got around to finishing up the formatting in the paperback version. Both are available at Amazon. You can read more about my books here.

Other cool things about me ...

  • I believe in only teaching that which I've successfully done/used.
  • I believe in planning the work, and working the plan.
  • I believe that a person is only as good as their word.
  • I believe that inner work is necessary to get the outer work up to snuff.
  • I believe that animism is key.
  • I believe that every human being deserves an amazing life, and can use the power of the Craft to get it.