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The Spell In My Pocket

Untold Secrets to Making Powerful Mojo Bags, Packets and Vial Spells

#2 in Paganism & NeoPaganism, #8 in Paganism, #17 in Occultism.

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"This short but rich book is very easy to follow. The authors "voice" comes through as intelligent, approachable, and as someone I could sit with for coffee and just listen and learn from. There is no high and mighty attitude here and I find that refreshing given the subject matter. Some of these shorter how to books are unimaginative folks copying and pasting hoping for a quick buck. But this is a little gem I was happy to stumble upon."

"The step by step process is easy to learn and follow, and his discussion on how to "activate" and later put to rest a mojo are invaluable."

Befriending The Unseen

A Modern Witch's Secrets Of Working With The Spirit Realm